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Kristy Staley Farrell (matron of honor) has known Robyn since the 7th grade. They managed to get through high school together and remain friends, which is itself fairly remarkable. The two were once mistaken for twins... odd, given the several-inch height difference and the fact that they look nothing alike.

Kristy is a web designer, and she lives in Frederick, Maryland with her husband, Kevin.

Stephanie Daries and Robyn are cousins, but they grew up rather far apart, so Stephanie may not have realized that she was the "cool and sophisticated" older cousin who Robyn always admired. Now that they're in touch more regularly, the frightening power of genetics reveals itself as they discover all of the quirks they share.

Stephanie lives in Houston, Texas, where she is a manager for EAP Services.

Laura Gibson met Robyn while Robyn was a grad student.  Laura is an amazing person, and she's also the creative sort who could fashion a greeting card out of some twine and Elmer's Glue (while Robyn would be left with a big, sticky knot). Laura also had the patience to teach Robyn to knit, which no one else had been willing to do.

A few weeks after the wedding, Laura will be receiving her PhD in psychology from Harvard.

Jennifer Logan met Robyn in Gainesville -- Robyn was relieved to finally meet someone "normal" after living downtown for a few months.  They shared many a lunch, movie, and bar-trip before Jen had the nerve to move away. Jen was also quite responsible for Robyn and Dan meeting and getting to know each other.

Jen lives near Los Angeles, where she is a post-doctoral researcher in chemistry.

Gabe Sierra (best man) has known Dan since his undergraduate years at the University of Florida.  Gabe lived across the street from Dan for several years.  Make sure to ask him about the fireworks battles that took place inside the apartments.


Elion Vinocur was a roommate of Dan's business partner, Jeff Lyons.  Elion and Dan met at Mardi Gras one year when someone cancelled at the last minute and Jeff suggested Elion as a replacement.  Make sure to ask him about his antics as a Mardi Gras virgin.

Elion lives in Miami, Florida and works as a construction project manager.

Marc Miller has been a friend of Dan's since high school. This trip to Louisiana will different from the last 4 times Marc has traveled there with Dan... in that it will be the first time it wasn't for Mardi Gras!!

Dan Ecker has known Dan since his freshman year at the University of Florida.  Dan also lived in the same apartment complex as Gabe. Dan did not participate in the fireworks battles since that would require him to leave the pool, at which he spent at least 8 hours a day..

Dan works as a mortgage broker in Tampa, Florida.  In his spare time, Dan is the lead singer in the band Night Skeezer, and he also runs several marathons each year.

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